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Events Staffing Solutions - MoneyGram Event Staffing Agency worked with MonyGram to promote their service and drive sign ups. MoneyGram International Inc. is a finance company based in the USA, founded in 1940, and has been active in the market for 80 years. MoneyGram has partners and agencies all over the world.  The company’s main activity is cash-to-cash transfer, sending cash across the globe in a matter of minutes. We match event staff to reflect your brand In a MoneyGram agency or partner shop, a deposit in cash can be done to wire money between two people. The sender receives a reference number. The receiver, with this reference number, can withdraw the money in a MoneyGram location nearby, in just a few minutes, all across the globe. The sender can also…
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Personalised Buzz Marketing

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Buzz Marketing One branch of the alternative marketing movement that has been getting more and more attention, and becoming more and more popular, is making marketing personal. Advertisers seek to create personal connections with the people that they are seeking to entice to purchase their product. This can be done in many ways, but the most solidly constructive is the creation of “street teams.” Street teams are paid conversationalists. They go out into a market, generally large cities, and hit the streets. They chat up people they pass, touting a particular product or brand. They paper a city with flyers and posters for that product. Often, they hand out free sample or even full-size versions of the product being touted. [caption id="attachment_558" align="aligncenter" width="396"]  Hire Event Staff[/caption] This model is…
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