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Event staffing campaigns nationwide. At Events Staffing Agency we are providers of trained skilled events staff. We work with brands and agencies to plan and execute event staffing campaigns. Not only do we provide motivated & reliable event staff, Events Staffing can manage logistics and uniform requirements.

Product Sampling & Leaflet Distribution Staff

Product Sampling in Train and Tube Stations are very effective. If you are product sampling outside then it’s called guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing staff are the same as in inside the station however,  without permits. This obviously saves huge amount of cost and the effectiveness can be just the same as you can cover all entrances.  The chance nowadays of being moved on if you are giving away free samples are 10% and a 90%  chance of you being able to distribute all your products. All options are  open to the client. Call 0207 607 2568

Event Staffing Agency Nationwide

Event Staffing
In Tube Stations 95%
Leaflet Distribution Staff
Guerrilla Product Sampling Outside Stations 99.9%
Results 100%

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