Looking for qualified staff for your bar? This is a common pain point of many bar owners. Good staff means happy customers, and happy customers mean positive reviews. It all leads to more exposure for your business, branding, and a high ROI. However, it is not always easy to find good staff because everyone does this as a side job or when between jobs. The best way to make sure you find someone who is up to the standards is to go through a bar staffing agency.

A bartender pouring beer, symbolizing the importance of finding qualified bar staff through a bar staffing agency.
Cost Effective Bar Staff

What is a bar staffing agency?

That is an agency that specializes in finding qualified employees. They are at the top of the business and know the right people. Besides that, using this service will help you save both time and money.

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You save time because you don’t have to search for the employees yourself. And, you save money because you will get an experienced professional. That means you will avoid situations where you hire someone you are not satisfied with, and you have to pay them before looking for the next employee.

What are the benefits of using an agency to find your staff?

Besides saving time and money, there are a couple of other benefits to think about:

  • You don’t have to spend time training employees. They already know how to do the job;
  • An agency may find the staff at the last minute. That can be a real life-saver when you have an event you need to organize;
  • Through an agency, you may find employees to cater to the different needs of your bar.

What’s in the offer?

You can hire different types of employees through a qualified and licensed promotion staffing agency.

Party hostess

First of all, a party hostess needs to be a people person – polite, well-mannered, and eloquent. The main job of a party hostess is to make your customers feel at home. Furthermore, a party hostess is there to run the party, do all sorts of customer interactions, and communicate the plan for the party to the rest of the staff.

Bar sampling staff

The sampling staff offers customers a variety of drinks and foods. They usually greet customers with free samples or talk to people to get them to try free samples.

Finding bar sampling staff of the highest quality is crucial for your business. That is the most efficient way to attract clients and turn them into returning customers.

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Brand ambassadors

A brand ambassador is there to spread the company’s values and represent the business in a positive light. They talk to not only customers but also the public. A brand ambassador protects the corporate identity.

One of the reasons you want to hire a brand ambassador is that the competition in the bar business is fierce. You want to stand out among your competitors, and turn your bar business into a well-known, loved, and respectable brand.

Promo Staffing

Every bar has special promotions from time to time. Whether you are organizing a happy hour, promoting a new drink, or anything else, promo models are there to serve the offer to the customers. They are always happy, cheerful, and well-dressed.

You need to leave a good impression and make the evening memorable for your clients.

Bar Staff
Hire Temp Bar Staff

Temp bar staff

Bars often need to hire more employees during the peak season. However, they cannot pay salaries when the season is over because the number of customers drops.

This is when you want to hire temp bar staff. They will be there on a limited contract, while you need more employees.

Cocktail mixers and bartenders

Every good bar needs to have a professional cocktail mixer. It is a requirement for professional bartenders. They need to know how to talk to the customers and leave a strong impression.

We can say that a bartender is one of the key people in your bar. That’s where all the sales happen. With that in mind, it is always better to hire a professional bartender, even if you pay a little extra to get them.

A couple of best practices to follow when looking for qualified bar staff

Even though contacting a bar staffing agency is the best way to find professional staff, there are a couple of things you need to do yourself. Let’s take a look at some best practices to follow.

Know what you want

Before you reach out to a hiring agency, be precise about your business needs. There are many different employee positions in the bar business, and you want to be specific when looking for staff.

This will also help the agency to match you with the right people.

Provide contact details

The hiring agency will want your contact details. Whatever you do, avoid sharing your private phone number. It may cause you many risks. First of all, you want to be professional about this. And to be professional, you need to leave your business contact information.

Second, you never want to mix work and private life. You never know what can happen, can it can be abused, and who can get it. With that in mind, always keep your personal phone number only for yourself.

And third, if you leave business contact information, you don’t have to be the one taking all calls. If you have employees in charge of the hiring process, they can easily communicate with the hiring agency instead of you.

Good staff means good business

Hopefully, you now understand the benefits of a professional bar staffing agency. Finding good staff is imperative if you want to run a good business and attract customers. Save your time and money by going to the professionals, and secure your business by creating a memorable customer experience. Best of luck with finding the right people for your bar business!

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