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Event Staffing Agency worked with MonyGram to promote their service and drive sign ups. 

MoneyGram International Inc. is a finance company based in the USA, founded in 1940, and has been active in the market for 80 years. MoneyGram has partners and agencies all over the world.  The company’s main activity is cash-to-cash transfer, sending cash across the globe in a matter of minutes.

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In a MoneyGram agency or partner shop, a deposit in cash can be done to wire money between two people. The sender receives a reference number. The receiver, with this reference number, can withdraw the money in a MoneyGram location nearby, in just a few minutes, all across the globe. The sender can also use his credit card on to send money, then the receiver can withdraw in cash.

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Event Staff Hire For Promotion Events

Event Staffing Agency

Event Staffing Agency worked with Tilda to promote new and existing rice ranges. We selected a range of event staff to work on the promotional event in London UK. 

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REVEALED: The biggest single mistake any Event Staffing Agency can make


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Event Staff

What every Event Staffing Agency should do

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail‘ Hmm… Who once imparted those wondrous words of wisdom? Was it Benjamin Franklin (pictured), or Khalil Gibran perhaps, or maybe it was another moment of oracular wisdom from the inimitable Confucius?

Event Agency

Well, whoever said it, that axiom could just as easily be imparted today, by an event staffing agency MD, for example – one who prides themselves on their agency’s staff training: their insistence that only product sampling staff, exhibition staff, hostesses, bar staff and leaflet distributors as well as in-store promo staff and experiential staff who’re suitably versed in exactly what it is they’re being paid to promote, and by whom, work at their clients’ events.

About Events Staffing Agency training days

Anyone seeking regular promo work, or even a first job through Events Staffing Agency (London, Manchester, Birmingham…), should be prepared to attend our staff training days. Yes, being bubbly, enthusiastic and presentable, as well as adaptable, punctual, reliable and a team player is essential, but it’s not enough: whether for planned one-day promotions, week-long guerrilla marketing drives (product sampling outside), or for long-term product demo campaigns, promo staff also need to know their stuff, to talk about the company/product they’re representing, and therefore endorsing, with confidence, and to reflect that brand’s values, philosophy and aims in the manner in which they conduct themselves. 

Events Staffing Agency training days are possibly our most important days throughout the calendar year, in fact. What’s great is that, in addition to being instructive and enlightening, they’re fun. As well as enjoying the day, making new friends, and learning all about brands, promo job candidates come away feeling assured, confident of doing a good job, training having taken any anxiety out of it all, and leaving them champing at the bit to get to the event, and to start promoting! 

Here’s another universally used maxim to consider…

“If you want a job done properly, do it yourself”, right? Wrong!

If you want a job done properly, get a trained and experienced professional. At a marketing company, branding agency or media firm, there’s bound to be plenty of bright young things: eager and excited marketing managers of the future, with brains positively bursting with myriad advertising ideas. But are these really the right people to promote your products or services at an event? Can Jasper, Toby, Millie, Saskia-Jane and Fizz in the Graphics Department unquestionably do ALL this at your forthcoming happening (one that’s costing you a small fortune, and upon which even the future of your agency could depend):


  • Promote your aims, key messages, values, products and services with total confidence in public (particularly when they may have to work alone at times, without their usual workmates at their side)?
  • Adopt a pro-active approach throughout, rather than a reactive one? A promotional staffing agency professional trained by Events Staffing Agency is taught to be pro-active but without being overbearing, without over-selling – it’s about striking the right balance perfectly, which our promo guys do well
  • Not bring any office politics, or festering resentments about other employees, to the event? You need promo staff with your event’s success (and nothing else) at the forefront of their minds, from the moment attendees arrive to when the last one finally leaves – smiling, feeling good, inspired, motivated to buy or invest
  • Represent your brand in such a way that they leave a lasting impression?

If the answer’s “no”, “maybeor “not sure”, why even take the risk? Trying to save money by using your own employees for product sampling, experiential marketing, road-shows, pop-up shows or a field marketing campaign could prove a false economy. Don’t do that. Do this:

CALL 0207 607 2568 TO HIRE



By doing so, you’re choosing to have skilled, specific campaign-trained and motivated, as well as reliable, friendly and approachable professionals representing your brand at your next event. You’re making a cost-effective choice. You’re also opting to entrust promo work to someone who’s working for you on the day for one precise reason, to do what they’re thoroughly trained in; not someone who, when the pressure’s on, could easily turn around to you and say, “But, Boss, I’m in IT back at the office. This promo stuff…  it’s, like, well… it’s not really my job”.

Psst! Our price range beats any other agency’s out there. Get in touch! 😉

Get your business off to a flying start in 2018, by teaming up with a top event staffing agency NOW

Marketing Ideas

Choosing the right event staffing agency to execute your promotion campaigns could really pay off

First impressions count, right? Right. That’s why you need to choose exceedingly wisely when deciding who’ll be ‘the face of your client’s brand’ at promotional events. But how to know who to entrust your client’s marketing with on the day or evening, or maybe for the entire weekend or week? And, if you’re looking to use event hostesses or agency bar staff for a specific marketing campaign, how can you be absolutely sure that you’re selecting the right people? Making the wrong choice could prove calamitous, and might even damage your client’s reputation irreparably.


The solution is not to choose them at all, but to let an established events staffing agency handle it all for you.


It’s the cost-effective option.


In 2018, let marketing be key

Perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Maybe – before we wax lyrical about the myriad advantages to outsourcing promo work – we should be asking a fundamental question: do businesses out there even need to promote themselves face-to-face, using campaign-trained frontline marketing professionals? After all, the Internet is king nowadays, isn’t it? Everyone just buys online, don’t they, having had their attention seized by an online marketing mix? Well, no actually, they don’t.


Face-to-face marketing and selling is still going strong, thanks very much. In fact, many businesses prefer to promote themselves that way. And there’s a whole host of exciting options to choose from when it comes to effectively promoting a brand using trained, energetic and pro-active staff from a world-class event staffing agency:


  • Product sampling – engaging promo professionals (with infectious smiles!), and whose genuine enthusiasm for the product they’re demoing is equally contagious. This is a special skill: there’s more to it than simply standing there outside Cathy’s Cake Shop with a tray of samples and asking passers-by “fancy trying one, mate?” Much more.


Product sampling pros will talk about the commodities knowledgably and in an accessible, immediate and engaging way – no gobbledygook or showing off, no blinding people with science. As well as encouraging sales, they’ll point prospects towards the brand’s social media, where further promotions, competitions (and other forms of online interaction), and a wider range of goods can be accessed.


  • Exhibitions & Trade Shows – presentable promo professionals who’re simply brilliant at interacting with engaged prospects: people interested in a specific industry, relevant to your client’s brand and business.


  • In-store promotions – enhance customer experience and leave a more lasting impression, by having trained promo staff brought in.


  • Guerrilla marketing – as a cost-effective way to escalate sales and brand awareness, guerrilla marketing orchestrated by an established guerrilla marketing agency simply can’t be ignored. In fact, ignore it at your peril. Failure to utilise guerrilla marketing has been many a marketing and branding agency’s downfall over the years. Please don’t make that same mistake.


  • Road-shows and pop-up shops – getting the audience involved in the promotional activity, delivering products and brands directly to potential buyers in an entertaining yet not overwhelming or overbearing manner. Road-shows have always been great fun, but it’s about more than that. You need to make it enjoyable but also be effective, commanding: generating sales and interest in your client’s brand whilst simultaneously giving attendees a great day out. Seasoned promo staff strike the balance perfectly.


  • Leaflet and flyer distribution – capitalise on high footfall, and tell hundreds (or even thousands) of passers-by about your client’s brand quickly. Spread their key messages, raise awareness, include compelling calls-to-action that readers simply find impossible not to act upon. Is giving out leaflets as old as the hills? Yes. But it definitely works: the fastest way to literally get your client’s product info into people’s hands.


  • Bar staff & Front-of-house brand ambassadors – helping to build and establish customer preferences by having the right people front-of-house and behind the bar: outgoing, unflappable, and efficient brand ambassadors and servers with enthusiasm, charm, knowledge and experience. Ambassadors are an extension of your client’s brand. They’re there as a positive, uplifting presence, to create a buzz: a fabulous feel-food factor, as they embody your client’s company message.


All of these are fun yet challenging roles, making specific campaign preparation essential; thorough training that only a top event staffing agency can provide, to ensure you make the most of your campaign, with every penny you spend on it being well worth parting with: a smart investment, not a stomach ulcer-inducing financial outlay.


Don’t just get your marketing right, get it SPOT ON

Make a decision – no, a pledge. Let 2018 be the year that you absolutely SMASH IT when it comes to marketing. Get the right promotional staffing agency on board, forge an alliance with them, and consider your clients’ representation at events well and truly sorted, as good as it gets, not just through 2018, but for many years ahead…


Get set to flourish!

If you’re at a marketing company, branding agency or media firm, you won’t be the only person reading this. Choosing to team up with a leading promotional staffing agency, such as Events Staffing Agency asap really does mean deciding to be first out of the marketing blocks next year, and every year after that, resulting in you grabbing new business each time (before someone else does).



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Exhibition Staff

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Event Staffing Agency

Exhibition Staff

Exhibition Staff for trade shows at NEC Exhibition Center  or Olympia. Our trained exhibition staff will engage with your target audience driving audiences to your exhibition stand. At Event Staffing Agency we match our exhibition staff to your brand. It is important to train our staff so if you have a staff brief we would like this before hand so that the exhibition staff are up to speed on the task ahead. Alternatively there can be a training session before the exhibition commences.

Hire Exhibition Staff

Costume Characters, leaflet distribution staff, bar staff for all events. A leading event staffing agency who is cost effective. Areas Covered, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Scotland, Liverpool, Newcastle, Bristol, Milton Keynes and more.

Personalised Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing, Event News, Marketing Agencies

Buzz Marketing

One branch of the alternative marketing movement that has been getting more and more attention, and becoming more and more popular, is making marketing personal. Advertisers seek to create personal connections with the people that they are seeking to entice to purchase their product. This can be done in many ways, but the most solidly constructive is the creation of “street teams.”

Street teams are paid conversationalists. They go out into a market, generally large cities, and hit the streets. They chat up people they pass, touting a particular product or brand. They paper a city with flyers and posters for that product. Often, they hand out free sample or even full-size versions of the product being touted.

Hire Event Staff London
 Hire Event Staff

This model is the first step in creating buzz. You have to get people talking about your product to create the word of mouth network that will make your product take off. Advertisers have discovered that one way to start the network of personal connections that is buzz is to force personal connections between your consumers and your company.

The Freebie Factor

Tapping into the power of the freebie works. Just ask Ford Motor Company about the success of its product seeding campaign for the Ford Focus. Ford gave advance models to employees of celebrities like Madonna and Adam Sandler, so the cars would become de facto commercials parked in front of the hippest clubs, restaurants and parties in town. From a base of a mere 120 influential Gen Y hipsters in five key markets, Ford moved a fleet-worthy 286,166 units in its first year.
The Ford Focus promotion was not exactly the same kind of personal contact that the street team embodies, but it does follow some of the same precepts as the personal contact model: people trust people outside of the advertising world much more than they trust people in the marketing world. By giving the cars to “normal” people, Ford created some kind of personal connection between the recipients of their freebies and the consumers they were trying to reach, Ford created buzz. The people that were given the cars were not paid marketers, and they were not celebrities. They were just people, with perhaps slightly more glamorous lives than the average consumer. Even this tenuous personal connection is enough to jump start people talking, and trusting what is said.

Similar strategies have worked for Rocketmail during their free email ‘grand opening’. Each subscriber e-mail went out with a recruitment message to the recipient and the implied endorsement of the sender. This was a much more direct personal-connection campaign. The assumption is that people would be sending email to people they knew; the implied endorsement was then seen as a personal endorsement from one person to another, where the two people did have a personal connection. The net result was what some view as the fastest new product adoption rate in history—from zero to 12 million members in just 18 months.

Tag Team Teasers

Teasers that literally tease us – in more ways than we’d publicly admit – work wonders in 2016. Following the 5 seconds of engagement rules similarly to website design, personalized marketing uses teasers to captivate someone within 5 seconds – or risk losing them.

Score one for the new generation of buzz marketers. While those schooled in so-called “classical” guerrilla marketing techniques may hold that viral marketing drives consumers to the product, many new age practitioners like Big Fat, a Manhattan-based viral marketing agency, are going a step further. They recruit street marketers to take the product to the people for clients like Nestlé, Nintendo and Pepsi.

Other tag teams earning notice for their ambush marketing tactics include:

  •  Lucky Strike Force crews—armed with iced coffee and beach chairs in summer, hot coffee and cell phones in winter—attempted to make exiled smokers more comfortable outside office buildings.
  • Hebrew National “mom squads” hit the road in SUVs, firing up the barbecue grill for impromptu backyard parties replete with product samples and coupons.
  • Sony Ericsson couples equipped with the new T68i cell phone/video camera wandered the streets of New York and Los Angeles pretending to be tourists. Passers-by kind enough to agree to take their picture got an unsolicited product pitch in return.

Honestly, It’s Not Hard

If you are looking to boost your marketing reach, there is a great deal to be said for networking in the most effective manner. Some people take to networking very easily while other people struggle to deal with this sort of situation. Technically there is nothing difficult about networking, but many people feel strange or at odds with this sort of approach.


Looking for an Event Staffing Agency to assist with your promotional marketing or hire flash mob staff? call: 0207 607 2568

Experiential Marketing

Buzz marketing, Event News, Experiential Marketing Staffing, Marketing Agencies

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing, where brands use experiences to connect with consumers, is becoming more popular, as traditional advertising is failing to hit the mark, according to leading agencies. Nick Adams, managing director of Sense, which boasts Innocent, The Economist and Warburton’s among its clients, recently published ‘Real World Ideas – A Guide to Modern Experiential Marketing’.

He argues that changes in media consumption mean a ‘coming of age’ for experiential marketing.

“We genuinely believe now is the most exciting time in experiential marketing that there has been in the last 10 years,” he said.

“The reason is that experiential marketing has become mainstream and it is incredibly aligned to how brands now are looking to connect to consumers.”

Adams said many agencies are increasingly adding experiential initiatives into overall marketing plans, as it is becoming the most ‘relevant’ and ‘meaningful’ way to connect to consumers. This has been driven by the way people are consuming media and the fact that traditional advertising is simply not providing the same benefits for brands that it used to.

“Consumers are spending hours a day looking at stuff on Youtube and Facebook. Their consumption of the media is increasing but just in a different form. The important thing is that it is reality media,” Adams said. Advertising is not working

His view is supported by Hew Leith, a former M&C Saatchi director and CEO at agency 10x.

Advertising just inst working anymore

“Advertising just isn’t working anymore,” said Leith. “You are seeing people skip TV ads if they can and [a growing number] of people have ad blockers.”

He claims that experiential marketing is growing for two major reasons. Firstly, because millennials would rather tell people about something they have done than about something they have got. The second is that they can share these experiences on social media. He says FMCG brands have traditionally been at the forefront of using experiential media but this is rapidly spreading to other markets as they realise the benefits of sharing these experiences digitally.

10x created the a slow-motion video Asahi booth, which lets beer drinkers experience what it is like to be inside a pint, including firing 100 ping-pong balls at them in imitation of foam.

“In the old world agencies would have created an ad, pushed it in front of you, annoyed you and bashed you over the head with messages until you bought something, ” said Leith.

“In the new world you create an amazing experience. Not only do you want to get involved in it, you give up your time, get in a queue, wait to do it and then share it online because you are happy to.”

Sharing the experience on social media means that the marketing can extend beyond those at the event. Whereas 100 people could attend an event while sharing it could mean thousands are engaged with it.

“It is almost that we are supercharging the experience,” said Leith.

Influencers are also a good way to extend the message further, adds Leith. Josh Patterson from Made In Chelsea, who has 270,000 instagram followers, was invited to the Asahi booth launch.

“The result was that he shared the experience and within eight hours the booth with branding had been seen or liked 60,000 times on Josh’s Instagram channel alone.” said Leith.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential’s changing reputation

Tim Jones, creative director at RPM Agency, said that many people think that experiential marketing lacks the scale and impact to effect brand quality. That perception is changing as brands now recognise the benefits.

“In the last five years we have been seeing brand experience is no longer a channel but an attitude to total brand building,” he confirmed.

“The change has been so dramatic that clients are event asking to build brands from scratch using the experiential agenda.”

Innocent has been at the forefront of experiential marketing and even before the onslaught of social media.

Jamie Sterry, brand activation manager, said experiential marketing allowed Innocent to build a solid fan base and build a story when it had little funding for major advertising.

“I think by doing events and having a real world presence it enabled us to build quite a solid fan base and we had a lot of brand advocates,” he said.

“When social media came about it was a natural way to continue that conversation.”

The brand has recently launched Innocent Unplugged, a festival targeting younger people who want to switch off from all technology. “When people step foot in there they will get the brand,” he said. He admits that traditional media and marketing is still doing an awareness job but said: “This (experiential marketing) is delivering that talkability. This is the part of your brand people are going to talk about and remember you for.”
Heineken, meanwhile, has targeted the 18 to 24 year olds with its Bulmers Colourena festivals.

“Over 13,000 people interacted directly with the Colourena at festivals including Isle of Wight, and activity reached over two million people on our social networks, ” said Emma Sherwood-Smith, cider director at Heineken.

“We have to provide content that will appeal to these consumers and deliver it in a way that fits with their lives. Creating unique content, which is undoubtedly how Bulmers brings millennials closer to the brand.”

Bulmers also held a world first with its ‘totally black and white bar’.

“The images were so striking, it meant international PR coverage and thousands of social media interactions,” she said.

FMCG brands are not the only ones to get in on the experiential marketing bandwagon. Recently Samsung opened a new flagship retail store in New York, a so-called ‘living lab and digital playground’. It allows consumers to see and try out the latest kit but without the emphasis on buying the product itself.

Experiential & Social Media

Ben Reed, head of brand engagement at The Silvertown Partnership, said: “For many, the concept of a shop that doesn’t sell is an oxymoron. But for those involved with the burgeoning brand experience world, this is just another example of a fast-growing trend set to transform the way brands communicate with their customers. “

He argued that the reason this has has created a buzz is because brand experiences are “exciting, memorable and something you want to tell – and sometimes brag to – other people about.”

What next for experiential?

Leith said that brands are getting bolder but believes they can do much more.

“I would like to get to a stage where marketing is so good that people will pay for it,” he said.

“We have already started to see that with Red Bull, which charges people to go to events such as Culture Clash and the Red Bull Air Race.”

Adams said he expects technology to continue to change the face of experimental marketing.

He highlights the virtual reality campaign of The Economist, which allows people to witness the appalling destruction of art works in museums by ISIS.

“I am sure that a lot more of those technologies, as they start to be developed, will be leveraged in experiential activity,” he said.


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