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Events Staffing Agency London provided well trained product sampling staff to work at the O2 for the NBA Basketball ball game sponsored by Muller Rice.

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Product sampling was one of the main elements with an experiential marketing basket ball game in the foyer. Sampling staff engaged with audiences and invited them to paly the game and shoot baskets to receive free samples of Muller Rice.Over 20 thousand samples were distributed over the one day.

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Product Sampling Agency London

There were 2 flavors distributed over the one day. Muller Rice Strawberry (low fat) and Muller Rice 5 Grains Blueberry. Both flavors went down really well with audiences before the game and during the break periods.

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                                         This event was a huge success with our event staffing teams working across 3 floors of the O2 Arena  London.                                        


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                  For more information on product sampling or hiring event staff, speak to the product sampling specialist who will assist you.

       Not only do we provide you with motivated event staff, we can manage logistics, print and venue hire.

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Event staffing campaigns nationwide. At Events Staffing Agency we are providers of trained skilled events staff. We work with brands and agencies to plan and execute event staffing campaigns. Not only do we provide motivated & reliable event staff, Events Staffing can manage logistics and uniform requirements.

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Product Sampling in Train and Tube Stations are very effective. If you are product sampling outside then it’s called guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing staff are the same as in inside the station however,  without permits. This obviously saves huge amount of cost and the effectiveness can be just the same as you can cover all entrances.  The chance nowadays of being moved on if you are giving away free samples are 10% and a 90%  chance of you being able to distribute all your products. All options are  open to the client. Call 0207 607 2568

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In Tube Stations 95%
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Guerrilla Product Sampling Outside Stations 99.9%
Results 100%

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Leaflet Distribution Event Staff

Leaflet Distribution Event Staff

Events Staff, Events Staffing Agency, Field Marketing Agencies, Marketing Agencies, Pop Up Shop Staffing
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Leaflet Distribution Staff

Adhouse approached Event Staffing Agency London on behalf of Footlocker wanting a simple but effective promotion, to drive footfall, generate an increase in consumer interest, and drive sales across their two Oxford Street stores.

As leading event staffing agency we were able to quickly source and recruit a team of sporty motivated event staff. Sporty Brand Ambassadors were selected so as to fit the brands personality and image. The team were dressed in branded T-shirts, jeans and trainers and descended on to London’s busy Oxford Street to embark on a 2 day ‘Scan and Win’ Foot Locker promotion.

Trained Leaflet Distribution Event Staff

This exciting event promotion was geared around encouraging passers-by to go into the Foot Locker store, whilst at the same time leafleting staff handing out the ‘Scan and Win’ cards to the relevant target audience members. The campaign mechanic was designed to give consumers the chance to win a number of great prizes, which included several pairs of brand new trainers and £20.00 Footlocker vouchers.

In response to this campaign, the feedback from Foot Locker was outstanding! There was a significant increase in footfall at the stores during live activity. The consumers were eager to find out if and what they had won, and as a result there was a notable increase in interaction with sales staff, generating a positive buzz and a boost in sales.


  • 200,000 OTS (Opportunities to see)
  • 12,000 interactions
  • An increase in footfall was reported at both stores
  • A sales uplift recorded in participating stores.

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Hire Events Staff

Event Staffing Agency London, Events Staff, Events Staffing Agency, Promotional Staffing Agencies, Sales Promotion Agencies

Event Staffing Agency

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Hire event staff London form a leading events staffing agency. Quick turnaround for quotes and bookings for last minute staff nationwide. Our internal staffing team will book your selected event staff that match your brand profile. Weather you are planning an one day promotion or long term product sampling campaign, events staffing agency has the right selection of events staff for you.

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If you are looking to book costume characters, models, promo girls or promo guys speak to the leading event staffing experts.  Pop up shops is a fast and growing trends where we see many clients asking for event staff. We are able to provide you with event staff who will manage your pop up shop. and logistics.

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